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How to Correctly Oil a Baitcast Reel

  • Prefer Lucas Oil Fishing Reel Oil
  • Helps if you take the line off
  • Reel handles need a little - spin them
  • Lub the push button - it gets used a lot
  • Lub the line guide gear
  • Remove the spool and lube the spindle hole on both sides
  • Lub the spindle itself

Muddy Water…These 3 Tips Will Double Your Success Rate…

Less than 6 inches of visibility...
  • Cold = Large Jig that pushes water and is slow and dark
  • Cold = Big spinner with big single blade
  • Warm - Texas rigged creature bait
  • Warm - Squarebill crank or chatter bait
  • Hot - Squarebill crank
  • Hot - Small spinner with double willow

How to fish every bass fishing beginner lure!

  • Texas Rigged Worm
  • Texas Rigged Creature Bait
  • Texas Rigged (weightless) Soft Plastic Jerkbait
  • Spinner Bait
  • Crankbaits - Careful of snags!
  • Topwater Popper
  • Whopper Plopper

Tips for the best fishing hookset

  • You can over set the hook on light line
  • Heavy sets on Frogs and Jigs
  • Medium sets on Treble hooks and Spinnerbaits
  • Light sets on Ned rig, Drop shot and hair jig
  • [Hook setting examples]
  • [Hook set motion examples]

How to fish every soft plastic lure

  • Wacky Rig Senko - Hop it off the bottom
  • Texas Rig Senko - Hop or drag on the bottom
  • Texas Rig Creature Bait - Drag on the bottom
  • Shaky head / Ned Rig - Hop it off the bottom
  • Drop shot - Twitch off the bottom
  • Punch Rig - Hop it off the bottom (very specialized use case)
  • Buzz Toad - Immediately start fast retrieve with rod tip up
  • Flashy Swimmer - Weightless or belly weighted. Vary the retrieve.

How to fish every style of jig to catch more bass

  • In order of most used..
  • Arky Head - all purpose jig
    • Hop it up and down and set it REALLY hard.
  • Swim Jig - meant to ...swim
    • Just swim it in shallow cover (grass, docks, etc)
  • Football Jig - shape of the head
    • Drag across the bottom
  • Finesse Jig - it's small
    • Meant for rocks...and only rocks

The Most Important Skill Beginning Anglers Must Learn...

  • Learn to cast well
  • Practice in your yard at targets
  • Cast right and left handed
  • Use different weight lures