Tyler Allison

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Absolutely not a professional fisherman. Tyler has 30+ years in IT and an insatiable urge to learn new things. He doesn't just dabble in anything...he jumps in two feet and head first at the same time. Every new hobby requires countless hours of research, distillation of the various expert opinions who have, without intent, over complicated whatever topic he is learning. This inevitably leads to an attempt to build a consensus based list of tools and techniques that work 90% of the time. He has no patience to become an expert in anything and finish that last 10% himself before moving on to the next hobby. Recent hobbies and topics have included creek fishing, pond/lake fishing, river fishing, ultralight fishing, largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing, kayak fishing, hand-line fishing, lead tackle/jig making, custom skirt tying and most recently fly fishing with an eye towards inshore coastal fishing soon.

Tyler founded and currently manages AllisonHouse, a successful weather data business. He also founded the non-profit Spotter Network, the first of its kind community based technology enabled weather reporting platform. His day job is working in the Information Security department for a Fortune 20 retailer.