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Why Matching the Hatch is a Myth in Bass Fishing

  • It simply does not work for bass. May work for trout and other fish.
  • What is important is determining bait color by water clarity
  • Needs to stand out and also blend in...it's about being subtle

How Electronic Technology is Destroying The Magic

  • Creates an unlevel playing field in tournaments
  • Costs a minimum of $20,000 to compete
  • You can see the fish like a video game...no mystery
  • Fishing and nature is a healing activity
  • We need the unknowns and the magic of nature to heal
  • Technology is an insult

Why You Should Never use a Hotfoot on Your Boat

  • Your back will thank you later in life - you can sit differently
  • Your right hand can control your motor better than your foot
  • Pressing down on the hotfoot on a long run is physically demanding

Jonny Morris/Bass Pro Shops...Good or Bad For Fishing?

  • Jonny the man
    • Great respect. Leader in conservation.
    • Created opportunities for people to engage with nature
  • Jonny the business
    • schrewed
    • some controversial decisions

The Demise of Table Rock Lake?

  • Too much uncontrolled development and recreational traffic...
    • Destroying the asthetics
    • Destroying the lake as a fishery
    • Destroying the water quality

The 3 Reasons Grand Lake Now Sucks

  • Where I caught my first fish - I love this lake
  • The Wolf Creek fishing tournament facility...
    • Is enabling the destruction of the lake as a fishery
    • Unrelenting high quality professional pressure
  • Over development and shallow habitat destruction
  • Need a drastic limit to the tournaments
  • Need a sustainable tournament schedule

The Crisis At Lake Mead Should Concern Every Bass Angler

  • Historic lowest water levels
  • Severe drought due to climate change
  • Demand for water in Arizona and California
  • Solutions exist - but majority is not willing to support them
  • Not optimistic that a solution can be found

Do Red Hooks Catch More Fish?

  • Maybe...some studies say yes and some studies say no
  • Maybe the red hook disappears so the fish isn't scared (do they know what hooks are?)
  • Maybe the red hook looks like an injured fish
  • No...I don't swap out all hooks
  • If you think it works for you...do it

Catch More Bass With These River Fishing Lures!

  1. Swim Jig \w 3" Trailer in Chartreuse/White
  2. Squarebill Crank Bait - buoyant version
  3. Compact Pitching Jig in Green/Orange
  4. Topwater Popper
  5. Caroline Rigged Craw in Green/Orange

Building Your First Tackle Box

  • 3700 size tackle box + plastics bag
  • Soft Plastic Worm ("Stickbait")
  • Soft Plastic Jerkbait
  • Soft Plastic Creature Bait
  • Spinner Bait
  • Squarebill & Lipless Crankbait
  • Topwater Popper
  • 3/O Wide Gap Worm Hook
  • 1/8oz & 1/4oz Lead Slip Weights
  • Line Clippers

Which fishing line is best??

  • Types: Mono, Flourocarbon, Braid
  • Mono: Cheap, less abrasion resistant, very stretchy, least sensitive
  • Flouro: Sinks, Expensive, abrasion resistant, medium stretch, medium sensitive
  • Braid: Floats, less abrasion resistant, no stretch, high sensitive
  • Dirty water / heavy cover = Braid
  • 99% of the time = Flourocarbon

A 40 Minute Seminar On How Weather Affects Bass

  • Once water is below 48F...might as well quit
Pre Spawn
  • Partial to cloudy skies with southern wind go shallow power baits
  • Sunny days - go big jig flipping and pitching
  • Leave bedding fish alone you ass
Post Spawn
  • Bad weather days are best
  • Bass will want to relate to some kind of cover
  • Typically the toughest period to fish
  • Weather means nothing during this period
  • The bass have committed to what they have chosen, either deep or shallow
  • Weather makes a huge difference
  • Overcast days fish shallow, either moving bait in open or ambush bait around structure
  • Good weather days fish deep

The Most Detailed Fishing Line Video On YouTube

Diameter (pound test) of your line will affect your lures both in depth and action and your casting distance

Types: Mono, Flourocarbon, Braid
Mono: Floats, very stretchy - best for top water or short cast crank baits
Braid: Floats, more visible to angler, no stretch - best for power fishing heavy cover (50lb) [Braid to flourocarbon leader is just stupid - just fish flourocarbon]
99% of the time = Flourocarbon