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Line size selection for spinning rods

  • 10lb Yellow Braid with Flourocarbon Leader
  • He fishes nothing else...it's that simple

Braided line size selection for baitcaster rods

  • 30lb Braid for Top Water
  • 50lb Braid \w 17lb Flouro Leader for just about Everything
  • 65lb Braid for Flipping and Punching heavy cover

Flourocarbon line size for Baitcaster rods

  • 20lb Flourocarbon for Flipping and Pitching
  • 17lb Flourocarbon for spinner and other single hook moving baits
  • 14lb Flourocarbon for shallow crankbaits
  • 12lb Flourocarbon for deep crankbaits and Jerkbaits
  • 10lb Flourocarbon for finesse swimbait and hairjigs

Braided Line Tips You Need to Know!

  • Flourocarbon anytime I can get away with it
  • Moving baits and heavy cover is the exception
  • Prefer high strand braid like Berkley X9 for casting performance
  • Prefer 'normal' strand like Berkley X5 for heavy grass abrasion resistance

How To Spool Fluorocarbon Line Correctly On A Spinning Reel

  • Braid to fluorocarbon is over rated and not necessary
  • Prefer Seaguar Invizx
  • Buy the 1000yrd spools so less coil memory
  • Leave backing on the reel and new spool 100 yards
  • Use a tub of water for the spool to sit in
  • Use heavy tension when reeling
  • Don't put on too much line - about 1/8 of inch lip gap

Which fishing line is best??

  • Types: Mono, Flourocarbon, Braid
  • Mono: Cheap, less abrasion resistant, very stretchy, least sensitive
  • Flouro: Sinks, Expensive, abrasion resistant, medium stretch, medium sensitive
  • Braid: Floats, less abrasion resistant, no stretch, high sensitive
  • Dirty water / heavy cover = Braid
  • 99% of the time = Flourocarbon

The Most Detailed Fishing Line Video On YouTube

Diameter (pound test) of your line will affect your lures both in depth and action and your casting distance

Types: Mono, Flourocarbon, Braid
Mono: Floats, very stretchy - best for top water or short cast crank baits
Braid: Floats, more visible to angler, no stretch - best for power fishing heavy cover (50lb) [Braid to flourocarbon leader is just stupid - just fish flourocarbon]
99% of the time = Flourocarbon

The 3 Types Of Fishing Line

  • Monofilament: Cheapest, has a lot of stretch, so good for short hook sets but bad for long hook sets
  • Fluorocarbon: Diameter of the line is 50% less than Mono. Harder for fish to see. Less stretch than Mono. Most popular line for pros.
  • Braided: No stretch, super strong