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How to Correctly Oil a Baitcast Reel

  • Prefer Lucas Oil Fishing Reel Oil
  • Helps if you take the line off
  • Reel handles need a little - spin them
  • Lub the push button - it gets used a lot
  • Lub the line guide gear
  • Remove the spool and lube the spindle hole on both sides
  • Lub the spindle itself

Do Red Hooks Catch More Fish?

  • Maybe...some studies say yes and some studies say no
  • Maybe the red hook disappears so the fish isn't scared (do they know what hooks are?)
  • Maybe the red hook looks like an injured fish
  • No...I don't swap out all hooks
  • If you think it works for you...do it

5 MUST HAVE Rod/Reel combos you need!

In order of most importance:
  • 7ft-1in Medium Heavy Baitcaster
  • 7ft-3in Heavy CarbonLite Baitcaster
  • 7ft Medium Heavy Baitcaster
  • 6ft-8in Medium Baitcaster
  • 6ft-9in Medium Spinning

The only hook you need for bass fishing

  • 3/0 Wide Gap Hook
  • For 99% of Soft Plastics
  • Small enough to fit most plastic profiles
  • Has enough clearance to expose the hook point
  • Usually the right thickness
  • Not for use on Ned rigs, big worms and big swim baits