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How to skip jigs under docks like a pro

  • Featuring Andy Montgomery - Skipping Master
  • Jig Head needs to be flat'ish and a great bait keeper (screw lock)
  • Thread the trailer on deeper not shorter
  • 1/2oz is the best weight for skipping
  • Rod should have a lot of tip action and stiff backbone
  • Bait should hit the water as close to target as possible parallel to water

The Most Important Skill Beginning Anglers Must Learn...

  • Learn to cast well
  • Practice in your yard at targets
  • Cast right and left handed
  • Use different weight lures

Ott's Garage | Flipping

  • Pitching & Flipping are not the same, but they can be complimentary
  • Flipping doesn't use the reel
  • You are picking up and putting down the lure without reeling
  • Flipping is for fast casting at the same distance

Ott’s Garage | The Skipping Cast

  • Use a 1/2oz jig with a flat body creature trailer to learn
  • Wind up is similar to a roll cast
  • Bait should make first contact with the water no more than 5 ft before the target
  • At least a foot of line between rod tip and bait