Based on Angler Bait Recommendations the Plastic Worm is typically fished in the following months.

Fishing Lure Colors Are Overrated!

All you need are...
  • Natural Colors like Green Pumpkin or Watermelon or Brown - for clear water
  • Bait fish Colors like Silver or Pearl or White - for any water, match the forage species
  • Dark Colors like Purple or Black or Blue - for stained or dirty water
  • Bright Colors like Orange or Chartreuse or Yellow - for when fish are being aggressive

How To Wacky Rig

  • Very Simple technique that is very effective
  • All you need is a hook and a bait
  • Prefer VNC weedless Neko hook
  • #2 hook on thin body worms
  • #1 hook for regular 4-5" worms
  • Shallow 5ft deep or less only

How To Rig Up A Texas Rigged Worm

  • Use a 'slip sinker' (it's hollow in the middle)
  • Use an Extra Wide Gap (EWG) hook
  • 'nose hook' the worm about 1/4" of an inch
  • Put the hook through the worm
  • Make sure the worm is straight
  • Skin hook the worm with the point of the hook
  • (optional) Use a toothpick to 'peg' the weight

How To Choose The Correct Plastic Worm Color

Only two different colors:
  • Dark - Low Light conditions or dirty water
    • June Bug or Purple
  • Natural - Bright sky conditions or clear water
    • Green Pumpkin or Watermelon
If unsure...go Natural

When To Use Junebug-Colored Soft Plastics

  • Typically a purple with some green flake
  • When water Visibility is fairly good but not great (1ft to 2ft)
  • When water Color is clear or tannic (like in Florida)

Don’t Waste Your Money On Unnecessary Soft Plastic Colors

  • Black for shallow dirty water or low light days
  • Watermelon with flake for everything
  • Junebug for clear to pretty clear water that isn't dirty/muddy
  • Green Pumpkin for everything

How To Rig Up A Texas Rigged Worm

  • Slip sinker (looks like a bullet)...pointy end towards the reel not the hook
  • Tie on an Extra Wide Gap (EWG) hook...usually 3/0
  • Hook 1/4 inch of the worm
  • Spin the hook around
  • Bunch up the worm and hook straight through the worm
  • Skin hook the point into the worm
  • Peg the sinker if around heavy cover

Choosing Soft Plastic Colors...The Myths And Reality All Anglers Should Know

  • Black when water visibility is less than 6 inches or gin clear
  • June Bug around grass or deep water
  • Green Pumpkin when water visibility is 2 foot to 4 foot
  • Watermelon when water visibility is greater than 3 foot
  • For tannic water fish Watermelon or June Bug

How to Fish a Shaky Head - Everything You Need to Know

  • Different Styles of Heads, Hooks and Keepers
  • Basic setup is a 6" straight tail worm
  • Worm sizes from 4" to 12"
  • 100s of different head sizes and shapes and makers
  • Typically rigged weedless and considered a finesse technique

How to Rig A Senko - Unique Tricks from Beginner to Advanced

  • Probably the most universal fishing bait ever
  • Rigging techniques
    • Texas
    • Wacky
    • Neko

How to choose the RIGHT Weight for Bass Fishing with a Texas Rig

  • 1/8oz - for shallow soft bottom
  • 3/8oz - Best all around for pitching
  • 1/2oz - offshore 10ft or deeper
  • 1oz - for punching heavy grass cover