Based on Angler Bait Recommendations the Vibrating Jig is typically fished in the following months.

Lipless Crankbait Vs. Chatterbait

For the most part interchangeable.
  • Vibrating Jig when in heavy grass or wood or covering a lot of water
  • Lipless when not dealing with thick cover or have clean bottoms or working deep

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Vibrating Jigs...
  • 50F+ stained/dirty water
  • 7'3 heavy rod + slow gear ratio
  • Not good for laydowns
  • Use a small trailer just for profile
  • Green Pumpkin color is favorite

How To Pick The Right Skirt Color

  • Silicon material has wider color range
  • Live Rubber material is more realistic
  • If water is dirty use a bright color for flash or a very dark color (for silhouette)
  • If water is clear use a natural color like brown

Crawdad Or Shad Colored Chatterbait?...(Here’s How You Decide)

  • Shad when...
    • water clarity is under 2ft
    • water temp is cold in spring or warm in summer
  • Crawdad when...
    • water clarity is over 2ft
    • Shad is not clearly better

A 22 Minute Chatterbait Seminar!...

  • Use either 3/8oz or 1/2oz....prefer 3/8oz
  • Only need shad color or crawdad color skirts
  • ~4" swimbait for shad trailer
  • ~4" craw flapper trailer
  • Trim down the skirt
  • Blade color is immaterial
  • >7ft-6" rod \w medium action and 15lb test flouro
  • Don't set the hook, just pull back

How to Fish a Chatterbait

  • Basically 2 trailer options. Swimbait or Craw.
  • If running green or brown or black/blue probably craw
  • If running white or chartreuse or light color probably swimbait
  • Dislike double split ring style connection to the blade
  • Vary your retrieve and bang into things
  • Prefer heavy rod, heavy braid and fast ratio reel