Based on Angler Bait Recommendations the Swim Bait is typically fished in the following months.

Tips For Fishing Lilly Pads

  • Use braid
  • Use a heavier action rod
  • #1 Bait is a basic frog - not a popper
  • Try Buzzbait
  • Try Swimjig
  • Try a hard body swimbait
  • Try a texas rig worm

How To Rig And Fish A Swimbait

  • Good for all species fishing
  • Most have a "boot tail" that cause the bait to wobble
  • Rig it with a 1/8oz jig head
  • Hook through the head and carefully straight down the middle
  • Usually fished with a spinning reel
  • Cast it out and let it go to the bottom and reel slow...or...
  • Cast it out and immediately reel back slowly

Summer Paddletail Swimbaits...Size/Rigging/Technique Secrets

  • 5" Big = 1/2oz-3/4oz jig head and for deep structure
  • 4" Medium = 1/4oz jig head for suspended fish
  • 3" Small = 1/8oz jig head - great for smallmouth
  • Mostly use the 3" size

Swim Jigs and Swimbaits - Beginner to Advanced Tricks

  • If water is...
    • ...crystal clear start with a swimbait
    • ...low visibility start with a swim jig
  • If bass are being finicky...go with a swim jig
  • Swim jigs are great for pushing thru grass

STOP Fishing SWIMBAITS Like This (5 Swimbait Mistakes)

  • Using too big of a hook
  • Using too heavy of a line/rod
  • Not using it to locate bass
  • Using the wrong jig head
  • Believing a swimbait is only a big fish bait