Based on Angler Bait Recommendations the Swim Jig is typically fished in the following months.

Swim Jig Differences: Finesse, Regular and No-Jack

  • Finesse for Small Mouth/Spotted or Clear Water
  • Regular - All Around Presentations
  • No Jack - Heavy Cover + Braid (mostly in FL)
  • Fluorocarbon line almost all the time
  • 3/8oz almost all the time

Jig Fishing 101! How to Pick the Right jig style

  • Preferred Jig - Luke Clausin Compact Pitchin'
  • Heavy Cover - Matt Herren Flippin'
  • Grass and Swimming - Scott Canterbury Flippin'
  • Offshore / Open Water - Luke Clausin Casting
  • Bottom Contact - Tour Level Football
  • Clear Water / Finesse - Luke Clausin Finesse

Swim Jig Fishing!

  • Can use everywhere. If you have to pick only one bait.
  • 7'-3" Medium Heavy Power Fast Action Rod
  • Fast Speed Reel
  • Dirty Jigs - Standard Size
  • 3 1/2" Berkley 'The Deal' Trailer

Killer Swim Jig Colors!

  • White \w Gray Shimmer for Shad Imitation
  • Purple & Green for fishing around grass
  • Black & Blue for dark water
  • White & Green Pearl for tannic water
  • White & Chartreuse - Small mouth

Tips For Fishing Lilly Pads

  • Use braid
  • Use a heavier action rod
  • #1 Bait is a basic frog - not a popper
  • Try Buzzbait
  • Try Swimjig
  • Try a hard body swimbait
  • Try a texas rig worm

What jig trailers does a Pro keep in his boat?

  • Finesse : Berkley Crazy Legs Chigger Craw 3inch
  • Finesse : Berkley Meaty Chunk in 2.75 inch
  • Full Size : Berkley Crazy Legs Chigger Craw or Meaty Chunk 4inch
  • Swim : Berkley Grass Pig Junior (in white)
  • Swim : Berkley Rocket Craw (in white)
  • Main Colors: Green Pumpkin, Black/Blue and Saphire Blue

How To Fish A Jig...For Beginning Anglers

  • Rocks and anywhere crawdads live is great for jigs
  • 3 Main Ways
  • 1. Cast and hop it back to you
  • 2. Make a long cast and swim it
  • 3. Pitching it over objects

Swim Jigs and Swimbaits - Beginner to Advanced Tricks

  • If water is...
    • ...crystal clear start with a swimbait
    • ...low visibility start with a swim jig
  • If bass are being finicky...go with a swim jig
  • Swim jigs are great for pushing thru grass

How to fish every style of jig to catch more bass

  • In order of most used..
  • Arky Head - all purpose jig
    • Hop it up and down and set it REALLY hard.
  • Swim Jig - meant to ...swim
    • Just swim it in shallow cover (grass, docks, etc)
  • Football Jig - shape of the head
    • Drag across the bottom
  • Finesse Jig - it's small
    • Meant for rocks...and only rocks