Based on Angler Bait Recommendations the Spinner Bait is typically fished in the following months.
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Double Your Spinnerbait Hookups With This Simple Trick

  • Originally used Zoom Split Tail trailer
  • But it's not really about the particular style
  • It's about creating bulk...use whatever you want.
  • Try a piece of plastic worm

How to Fish RipRap

  • They are not on one spot. They are constantly moving so cover the same water back and forth.
  • They are going to be facing up current
  • As day changes - depth of the fish changes
  • Water color dictates the bait type to use
  • Change your retrieve style occasionally
  • Find indentions they can tuck up out of the current

Spinnerbait Secrets

  • Run it higher in the water column to give bass a better chance
  • Change your retieve, stop/start, get the blades to flutter
  • Quiet entry into the water - underhand / roll cast
  • Cover water - go fast until you find a group
  • Work the edges of grass/lilipads with Spinnerbaits...not in them

Most Bass Anglers Don’t Know THIS About Spinnerbait Trailers

  • No trailer when fast and high
  • No trailer when finesse
  • No trailer when slow deep
  • Twisty tail for shallow slow
  • Big swimbait for big profile

Do you understand the differences in Spinnerbait blades?

  • Double Willow is most common
  • Colorado - puts out vibration/thump
    • Good for dirty water
    • keeps bait up/raising
    • good for slow retrieve
  • Willow - less thump and fishes deeper
    • Need to use a quick retrieve
    • Better for clear water

Pro Secrets For Using The Correct Spinnerbait Blades

  • Very Large 7 or 8 size Willow leaf for pre-spawn slow rolling
  • Very Large 7 or 8 size Colorado leaf for cool dirty water
  • # 5 Willow leaf is the workhorse
  • # 3 Willow leaf during fall or for a small profile
  • # 6 Colorado leaf for night or muddy water
  • Colored blades for smallmouth or dirty water

How To Pick The Right Skirt Color

  • Silicon material has wider color range
  • Live Rubber material is more realistic
  • If water is dirty use a bright color for flash or a very dark color (for silhouette)
  • If water is clear use a natural color like brown

How To Fish A Spinnerbait

  • One of the oldest baits
  • The blades "spin" causing vibration & flash
  • Round blades are called Colorado
  • Oval/Leaf shaped blades are called Willow
  • Bight colors for low visibility water
  • Subtle colors for high visibility water
  • Use a reel, pause, reel, pause technique