Based on Angler Bait Recommendations the Crank Bait - Lipless is typically fished in the following months.
Crank Bait - LiplessXXXXXXXXX

Lipless Crankbait Vs. Chatterbait

For the most part interchangeable.
  • Vibrating Jig when in heavy grass or wood or covering a lot of water
  • Lipless when not dealing with thick cover or have clean bottoms or working deep

85% Of Anglers Can’t Pick The Correct Crankbait BACK Color...

  1. Black = Low Light
  2. Blue = Muddy Water
  3. Chartreuse = Dirty Water / Dark Day
  4. Translucent = Clear Water
  5. Green = Summer time Perch

How And When To Fish A Lipless Crankbait

  • Primary value is it has a loud rattle
  • Used for a 'reaction' strike
  • Should be fished fairly fast
  • <50F water temp fish towards the bottom
  • >50F just toss it out and reel fast
  • Best during windy days

Crankbait Colors...Simple 3-Step Method For Picking The Best Ones

  • Flat Finish for low light conditions or dirty water
  • Metallic Finish for windy/partly cloudy conditions in dirty water
  • Translucent for calm and bright conditions and clean water

When To Fish Bright Colored Lures...

  • For dirty water
  • For stained water in low light
  • Small mouth bass anytime

STOP Fishing LIPLESS CRANKBAITS Like This (4 Lipless Mistakes)

  • Assuming all crankbaits are created equal - sound and depth matter
  • Not varying your retrieve
  • Assuming it's only for grass
  • Not having the right equipment