Based on Angler Bait Recommendations the Hollow Body Frog is typically fished in the following months.
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The Best Frog Fishing Colors For Big Bass!

  • White for general purpose
  • Black/Yellow for low light and muddy conditions
  • Pink for really clear or really muddy conditions
  • Natural Frog Color for weeds and lily pads
  • Bluegill imitation color

Tips For Fishing Lilly Pads

  • Use braid
  • Use a heavier action rod
  • #1 Bait is a basic frog - not a popper
  • Try Buzzbait
  • Try Swimjig
  • Try a hard body swimbait
  • Try a texas rig worm

My Rod & Reel Setups for Top Water Fishing

  • You need at least 1 shorter rod for more control
  • If just one : 6'-8" Medium Power BaitCaster
  • If two : 7'-4" Medium Heavy Power BaitCaster
  • High speed gear ratio reel like 8.3:1
  • 50lb Braid
  • Use a 14-17lb mono leader if braid is tangling on front treble

How To Fish A Plastic Frog

  • You want to "walk" them back to you
  • Vary your speed
  • Not just for lily pads and grass, good for shallow shaded areas too
  • Color doesn't really mater
  • Use braided line

Summer Frog Fishing...

July & August
  • Black when working shade areas
  • Shad/White colors in clear water
  • Bright frogs in dirty or muddy water
  • Target shade
  • Work the bank
  • Skip under docks
  • Work the grass holes

The LAST Frog Fishing Video You Will Ever Need!

  • Use dark frogs in dark conditions
  • Use white or natural frogs in bright conditions
  • Use braided line only
  • Twitch then reel, twitch then reel
  • Casting into pads keep your rod tip high
  • Working it faster is better