Based on Angler Bait Recommendations the Football Head Jig is typically fished in the following months.
Football Head JigXXXXXX

Choose The Correct Jig Trailer!

  • Twin Tail Grub - when dragging jigs like football
  • Chunk style - when flipping
  • Realistic Craw style - for rocky areas
  • Beaver style - deep structure or docks
  • Basic Craw style - for dirty water

How To Fish A Jig...

One of the oldest and most effective lures
  • Has a weed guard to protect hook point in cover
  • Lighter jig for shallower water
  • Heavier jig for deeper water
  • Dirty water use a dark color
  • Clear water use brown/green
  • Almost always use a trailer to make it look like a crawfish

When To Use Junebug-Colored Soft Plastics

  • Typically a purple with some green flake
  • When water Visibility is fairly good but not great (1ft to 2ft)
  • When water Color is clear or tannic (like in Florida)

How To Rig And Select A Jig Trailer

  • Hook it through the end for bigger profile
  • Thread it onto the shank of the hook for smaller profile
  • Match the trailer color to the skirt color
  • Dirtier the water the darker the trailer color