Based on Angler Bait Recommendations the Fluke is typically fished in the following months.

You’ll Never Rig A Fluke The Same After Watching This...

  • Resembles a minnow
  • Rigging is finicky to get proper action
  • Most use an EWG hook thru the belly slit...not best
  • Tie a swivel w\ 12inch leader
  • Straight shank 3O hook
  • Thread entire hook along the back with hook point down in slit

The 6 Best Soft Fluke Colors

  • Cream/Albino for low light or stained water
  • Watermellon for grass or tannic water
  • Cream/Albino with flake for low light
  • Baby Bass with bright light and clear water
  • Shiner/Shad with bright light and clear water

Fluke Fishing Tricks For Every Situation

  • A "fluke" is a soft plastic jerkbait
  • Basic rig is weedless using an offset worm hook
  • Can fish it like topwater with rod tip up, fast retrieve popping it up and down
  • Can fish it deaper with a slow fall and a jerkbait style retrieve