Based on Angler Bait Recommendations the Crank Bait - Flat Sided is typically fished in the following months.
Crank Bait - Flat SidedXXXXXXX

The Only 5 Crankbaits You Need! Model Type and Color!

  • Square bill in Chartreuse/Blue back
  • Flatside in orange/yellow craw
  • Medium deep in purple/orange tiger
  • Deep diving green/orange craw
  • Super Deep diving in green shad

Picking Colors For Rapala OG Tiny (Flat sided Crankbaits)

  • Clear Water Bright Sky - Green Gizzard Shad
  • Off Color Water - Original Shad
  • Muddy Water - Hot Copper Green Shad
  • For Red - Classic Craw or Old School Craw

85% Of Anglers Can’t Pick The Correct Crankbait BACK Color...

  1. Black = Low Light
  2. Blue = Muddy Water
  3. Chartreuse = Dirty Water / Dark Day
  4. Translucent = Clear Water
  5. Green = Summer time Perch

4 Must-Have Early Spring Crankbaits...

  • Flat Side in cold dirty water
  • Medium Diving crawdad color in cool rocky water

When To Fish Bright Colored Lures...

  • For dirty water
  • For stained water in low light
  • Small mouth bass anytime

How And When To Use A Flatsided Crankbait...

  • Use when water temp is cold (<50F)
  • Use when water visibility is ~2ft
  • Best on rocky banks or rip rap