Based on Angler Bait Recommendations the Finesse Jig is typically fished in the following months.
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Jig Fishing 101! How to Pick the Right jig style

  • Preferred Jig - Luke Clausin Compact Pitchin'
  • Heavy Cover - Matt Herren Flippin'
  • Grass and Swimming - Scott Canterbury Flippin'
  • Offshore / Open Water - Luke Clausin Casting
  • Bottom Contact - Tour Level Football
  • Clear Water / Finesse - Luke Clausin Finesse

Matt's Custom Bass Jig Colors

  • A custom black/blue color he calls Big Chip
  • A custom yellow/white color he calls Goldilocks
  • A custom brown/bluegill color he calls Bad Bluegill

Choose The Correct Jig Trailer!

  • Twin Tail Grub - when dragging jigs like football
  • Chunk style - when flipping
  • Realistic Craw style - for rocky areas
  • Beaver style - deep structure or docks
  • Basic Craw style - for dirty water

What jig trailers does a Pro keep in his boat?

  • Finesse : Berkley Crazy Legs Chigger Craw 3inch
  • Finesse : Berkley Meaty Chunk in 2.75 inch
  • Full Size : Berkley Crazy Legs Chigger Craw or Meaty Chunk 4inch
  • Swim : Berkley Grass Pig Junior (in white)
  • Swim : Berkley Rocket Craw (in white)
  • Main Colors: Green Pumpkin, Black/Blue and Saphire Blue

How To Fish A Jig...For Beginning Anglers

  • Rocks and anywhere crawdads live is great for jigs
  • 3 Main Ways
  • 1. Cast and hop it back to you
  • 2. Make a long cast and swim it
  • 3. Pitching it over objects

Most Dudes Use The Wrong Jig Size...

  • One of the most difficult baits to fish correctly
  • Three main sizes: 1/4oz, 3/8oz and 5/8oz
  • 1/4oz in dirty cool water - want a slow fall
  • 3/8oz most popular but better to use one of the other sizes
  • 5/8oz best all around

How To Pick The Right Skirt Color

  • Silicon material has wider color range
  • Live Rubber material is more realistic
  • If water is dirty use a bright color for flash or a very dark color (for silhouette)
  • If water is clear use a natural color like brown

How To Fish A Jig...

One of the oldest and most effective lures
  • Has a weed guard to protect hook point in cover
  • Lighter jig for shallower water
  • Heavier jig for deeper water
  • Dirty water use a dark color
  • Clear water use brown/green
  • Almost always use a trailer to make it look like a crawfish

When To Use Junebug-Colored Soft Plastics

  • Typically a purple with some green flake
  • When water Visibility is fairly good but not great (1ft to 2ft)
  • When water Color is clear or tannic (like in Florida)

How To Rig And Select A Jig Trailer

  • Hook it through the end for bigger profile
  • Thread it onto the shank of the hook for smaller profile
  • Match the trailer color to the skirt color
  • Dirtier the water the darker the trailer color

Jig Fishing Made Easy - Fall and Winter

  • Not Much Grass?
    • 1/2oz Football Jig \w double tail grub
  • No bites or need a finesse?
    • Micro Jig
  • Grass is dying back?
    • Pitching Jig in hard cover

How to fish every style of jig to catch more bass

  • In order of most used..
  • Arky Head - all purpose jig
    • Hop it up and down and set it REALLY hard.
  • Swim Jig - meant to ...swim
    • Just swim it in shallow cover (grass, docks, etc)
  • Football Jig - shape of the head
    • Drag across the bottom
  • Finesse Jig - it's small
    • Meant for rocks...and only rocks