Based on Angler Bait Recommendations the Creature Bait is typically fished in the following months.
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Which Are Better? Craw or Beaver Style Baits For Texas Rigs?

  • Craw for...
    • dirty water
    • heavy cover
    • when mimicking a craw
    • shallow water
  • Beaver for...
    • clear water
    • sparse cover
    • when mimicking a fish
    • deep water

Jigs vs Soft Plastics...How do you chose?

  • You need both. There is no if/then.
  • Jigs are always better than soft plastics if they will bite it
  • No jig bite then switch to texas rigged soft plastics

When To Use Junebug-Colored Soft Plastics

  • Typically a purple with some green flake
  • When water Visibility is fairly good but not great (1ft to 2ft)
  • When water Color is clear or tannic (like in Florida)

Don’t Waste Your Money On Unnecessary Soft Plastic Colors

  • Black for shallow dirty water or low light days
  • Watermelon with flake for everything
  • Junebug for clear to pretty clear water that isn't dirty/muddy
  • Green Pumpkin for everything

How to choose the RIGHT Weight for Bass Fishing with a Texas Rig

  • 1/8oz - for shallow soft bottom
  • 3/8oz - Best all around for pitching
  • 1/2oz - offshore 10ft or deeper
  • 1oz - for punching heavy grass cover