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Matt's Custom Bass Jig Colors

  • A custom black/blue color he calls Big Chip
  • A custom yellow/white color he calls Goldilocks
  • A custom brown/bluegill color he calls Bad Bluegill

The 5 Best Jerkbait Colors

  • Clear Water + Sunny = Translucent
  • Clear Water + Overcast = Chrome
  • Off Color Water = Opaque White
  • Smallmouth/Spotted = Flashy Hot Colors
  • When the others fail = Dark Maroon Blood Red

Killer Swim Jig Colors!

  • White \w Gray Shimmer for Shad Imitation
  • Purple & Green for fishing around grass
  • Black & Blue for dark water
  • White & Green Pearl for tannic water
  • White & Chartreuse - Small mouth

Choose the Correct Crankbait Colors!

  • Pick your base color based on water clarity...don't worry about the accent colors
  • Clarity <2ft = Dark or Bright Base
  • Clarity 2ft to 4ft = Natural White or Opaque Base
  • Clarity 4ft+ = Translucent Base

Must Have Muddy Water Baits!

  • The muddier water - the shallower you need to fish
  • Big Jig for isolated cover
  • Large and Loud Square Bill
  • Bright Colored Spinner Bait /w Colorado style blade
  • Chatter Bait - White or Black/Blue

Catch More In Clear Water By Using These Baits!

  • Translucent Top Water (J-Walker)
  • Translucent Jerk bait
  • Small swimbait (2.8" or 3.3")
  • Fluke
  • Casting Jig - Craw trailer

Catch More Bass With These River Fishing Lures!

  1. Swim Jig \w 3" Trailer in Chartreuse/White
  2. Squarebill Crank Bait - buoyant version
  3. Compact Pitching Jig in Green/Orange
  4. Topwater Popper
  5. Caroline Rigged Craw in Green/Orange

The Best Frog Fishing Colors For Big Bass!

  • White for general purpose
  • Black/Yellow for low light and muddy conditions
  • Pink for really clear or really muddy conditions
  • Natural Frog Color for weeds and lily pads
  • Bluegill imitation color

Fishing Lure Colors Are Overrated!

All you need are...
  • Natural Colors like Green Pumpkin or Watermelon or Brown - for clear water
  • Bait fish Colors like Silver or Pearl or White - for any water, match the forage species
  • Dark Colors like Purple or Black or Blue - for stained or dirty water
  • Bright Colors like Orange or Chartreuse or Yellow - for when fish are being aggressive

The Only 5 Crankbaits You Need! Model Type and Color!

  • Square bill in Chartreuse/Blue back
  • Flatside in orange/yellow craw
  • Medium deep in purple/orange tiger
  • Deep diving green/orange craw
  • Super Deep diving in green shad

Picking Colors For Rapala OG Tiny (Flat sided Crankbaits)

  • Clear Water Bright Sky - Green Gizzard Shad
  • Off Color Water - Original Shad
  • Muddy Water - Hot Copper Green Shad
  • For Red - Classic Craw or Old School Craw

Jerkbait fishing in 39 DEGREE WATER!

  • Overcast + not gin clear water = Solid Colors
  • Clear water = Transparent Colors
  • Fish deeper in clear water
  • Make the longest cast possible
  • Slow twitches due to cold water

Fall Jerkbait Colors

  • Gin Clear Water + Sunny Sky = Translucent with some blue
  • Gin Clear Water + Overcast = Translucent but some chartreuse
  • Sorta Clear = Chrome
  • Dirty Water = Pearl White
  • Muddy Water = Super Flashy Colors

95% Of All Bass Anglers Don’t Known The Best Jig Colors

  • Jig color should match the jig trailer
  • Black/Blue = bushes and wood
  • Black/Chartreuse = spring cold water around rocks or shallow docks in dirty water
  • Brown/Orange = pre-spawn around rocks
  • Solid Brown = cool water lay downs

The Top 3 Megabass Jerkbait Colors Every Angler Needs In Their Box…

  • Water Clarity determines color
  • Dirty Water = French Pearl
  • Sorta Clear = Sexy Shad / Solid Colors
  • Gin Clear = Pro Blue / Translucent

When To Use Junebug-Colored Soft Plastics

  • Typically a purple with some green flake
  • When water Visibility is fairly good but not great (1ft to 2ft)
  • When water Color is clear or tannic (like in Florida)

The 6 Best Soft Fluke Colors

  • Cream/Albino for low light or stained water
  • Watermellon for grass or tannic water
  • Cream/Albino with flake for low light
  • Baby Bass with bright light and clear water
  • Shiner/Shad with bright light and clear water

Don’t Waste Your Money On Unnecessary Soft Plastic Colors

  • Black for shallow dirty water or low light days
  • Watermelon with flake for everything
  • Junebug for clear to pretty clear water that isn't dirty/muddy
  • Green Pumpkin for everything

Crankbait Colors...Simple 3-Step Method For Picking The Best Ones

  • Flat Finish for low light conditions or dirty water
  • Metallic Finish for windy/partly cloudy conditions in dirty water
  • Translucent for calm and bright conditions and clean water

Choosing Soft Plastic Colors...The Myths And Reality All Anglers Should Know

  • Black when water visibility is less than 6 inches or gin clear
  • June Bug around grass or deep water
  • Green Pumpkin when water visibility is 2 foot to 4 foot
  • Watermelon when water visibility is greater than 3 foot
  • For tannic water fish Watermelon or June Bug

When To Fish Bright Colored Lures...

  • For dirty water
  • For stained water in low light
  • Small mouth bass anytime

How To Catch Bass In Muddy Water

  • Tight to shoreline - very skinny water
  • White Spinner Bait \w Willow blade
  • White or Black/Blue Swim Jig
  • Loud Lipless Crankbait
  • Chatter Bait
  • Creature Baits and Worms - June Bug Color

The fishing lure colors you actually need

  • Only 2 categories / "Natural" for clear water and "Silhouette" for dirty water
  • Selecting based on Clarity, Light Penetration and Depth
  • You only need...
    • Natural = Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Red, Light Purple
    • Silhouette = Black, Black/Blue, White
  • Flake / Shimmer rarely makes a difference...pick what you like
  • Don't over complicate this

How to Choose which Color Crankbait for Any Situation

  • What is the main forage species? Pick that pattern
  • The dirtier the water the brighter the colors
  • Clean water go with natural colors